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90 days. Register to vote. Vote early. Vote by mail. Vote in person (if it’s safe for you). VOTE!
✅Ensure that your voter ID is up-to-date ✅Check your voter registration & request a #MailInBallot NOW ✅Ask your Supervisor of Elections where you can DROP OFF your #MailInBallot ✅Make a backup plan—ie, early voting when it’s NOT crowded ✅VOTE EARLY
Everything you need to know about voting
3 MONTHS TIL THE ELECTION! Here’s what to do: 1) make sure you are still on the voting roll 2) make a plan for how you will vote 3) each day until the election, reach out to one high school friend and make sure they have a plan for how they will vote.
These ADORABLE KIDS offer up the EXCUSES adults have for not voting. No excuses! Get out to vote November 3! For information on how to vote in Harris County, TX: For voting information nationally: #HTownVotes #GetOutTheVote
have you never voted before? dont be embarrased i will not tease (sometimes that is because you are young and sometimes you made mistake lets fix that) if so then register to vote here it is a great way to prove love is real and send tromp back to the void
Check out the latest tune from my band, the Abiders. We're all in this together. Wherever you are. Wherever you stand. Be Kind. Go Vote. We need you.
#TrumpIsALaughingStock - except no one is laughing. Vote. And encourage someone else to vote.
In this election effective absentee voting includes: 1. Getting your absentee ballot now. 2. Dropping your ballot in your local voting precinct drop box. 3. If you need to use the mail, mailing your ballot on the first mail in date available. 4. See more
Early voting happening now in several states! #Vote #Democracy #Election2020 #ElectionDay #BeTheChange #Trump #Biden #Americans #WeThePeople
1. Check if you are registered to vote 2. If not, register right away 3. Plan to vote Easy steps righ here 👇🏽
Registration takes 2 minutes. You can also find your polling place and request an absentee ballot.
60 days left till the election. Register to #vote, in less than 2 minutes, here:
MAKE A VOTING PLAN. Our Mother Fucking democracy is at stake
This is my hundred-thousandth tweet.
In many states, the election is already underway - by mail or in person via early voting. Please vote as soon as possible to help local officials do timely counting. This site, , is packed with information about voting in all states.
88 days until the election in the US. Are you registered to vote? It takes 30 seconds to check
Reminder to fellow US citizens, even those of us who are abroad: make sure to vote! Registration deadlines are coming up soon. In CA, you can request your ballot by email. I just filled out mine and will put it in the mail on Monday!
If you are at home and have run out of yeast or puzzles... here’s something to do: Everything You Need to Vote -
Ok, now go register to vote if you haven't. And make a plan for voting.
The election ends in 4 weeks. What's your voting plan? #Election2020 #AtheistVoter
There was a line at the Dropbox, good sign 🗳️🇺🇸 #VoteEarly #VOTE #democracy
39 days away till the election register to vote or check to make you are registered