Our updated database of COVID-19 transmission settings: This week lots more household, meal & religious clusters were added. Also a few more school outbreaks & meat processing plants. Why meat processing and not other types of food?
Our #COVID19 transmission settings database has been updated! Thanks to all the suggestions, we now include 200+ transmission events classified in 22 setting types - notable updates are food processing plants (not just meat!) and some conferences
Are you aware of #COVID19 clusters we haven't yet included? Please let us know in the "Suggested updates tab" Looking for more details about this database? Our corresponding study is available in
Is it because they happened and I don’t know about them? Please let me know if I’ve missed any or add them to our database of settings linked to COVID-19 clusters 2/7
Here are another >220 cases spread through church events, none as large as the 3 above, from 's remarkable spreadsheet tally
Apparent confirmation of Chinese study that the vast bulk of #coronavirus clusters accrue indoors. The data - 95% of total cases indoors, while rest either outdoors or "indoor/outdoor". Move people, businesses, schools outside!