My article for on how national politics is shaped by urban centers. Tokyo or London centralize the politics of Japan or Britain. America on the other hand has a more diverse set of centers.
.: National politics is always shaped by urban politics—and that won’t change, even now.
Indeed! San Francisco is already first tier city. Not just technology. I expect it to eventually displace NYC as a center of American finance. Even if it doesn't, it is reshaping intellectual and political life of America.
Good read by on cities post-COVID and (now) post-#BLM Protests: "Decentralized politics arise when countries have several prominent cities . . . . "National challenges are then best addressed through changing the balance of America’s cities."
Cities and the Balance of Power by
Urban centers continue to shape America’s national governance and, ultimately, its future. via
This is a fascinating case for cities by my friend ⁦⁩. And I can’t get enough clear-eyed analysis of “elites.” Such an interesting phenomenon.