Feeling overwhelmed and rundown? I highly recommend nominating someone for an award!! We have some amazing scholars in our field and this is a wonderful way to remember that and honor them at the same time! . Bonus points for nominating URM scholars!
Seems like one thing social psychologists can do to support their Black colleagues right now is to nominate them for an SPSP award (most due July 15) Don't just encourage them to self-nominate, take the burden off of them and nominate them yourselves.
There's still time to nominate or apply for the annual awards. Categories include teaching, mentoring, research, and more. Deadline July 15th:
Winning an SPSP award massively helped my early career. You can spread the joy too! Due to the current world *gestures to everything,* deadlines are extended to 15 July. Apply today - a diverse set of award winners comes a diverse pool of applicants.