I have written with on Sweden as the Covid counterfactual – "Live free and die".
What has Sweden achieved by not imposing a severe lockdown? And what has the country failed to achieve with following a different path? Nuanced answers - based on the latest evidence - by ⁦⁩ and ⁦⁦
There's been a paucity of quality stuff written in English about the Swedish approach - but this from and is really very good indeed.
This is v good and interesting on Sweden's anti-coronavirus approach by and : also has implications for the UK government's plans for re-opening
"But what about Sweden?" The situation is not as dire as some had feared (so far), but with death rates 5 times higher than its neighbors, no herd immunity in sight, and with an economic downturn as severe as elsewhere, Sweden is hardly a shining beacon.
What have we learned so far from Sweden’s coronavirus experience. Excellent analysis from &
Here's what and I wrote more than a month ago, saying much the same thing. Unfortunately we have been proved right.