Six Harvard graduate schools will be entirely online in the autumn, including their Law School, Kennedy School of Government, and, perhaps signficantly, given the wording of Harvard's statement👇, their School of Public Health. 1/
Six Harvard graduate/professional schools including Kennedy School decide they will continue fully online in fall
6 Harvard graduate schools will go all online in the fall. I expect this to domino to other universities this fall.
It's now official: will be online all next year. Big thanks to Dean ⁦⁩ & the leadership team for making the difficult decision. Undoubtedly, there are tradeoffs. But putting the health &safety of our community 1st will make us better
Harvard's Graduate School of Education has decided to go online for all of 2020-21, citing the 'strong likelihood of intermittent periods of quarantine' which would give rise to 'likely multiple interruptions to an on-campus program'. 3/
Six Harvard graduate and professional schools online for fall