The harrowing story of denialism of the pandemic for months before it struck by key excerpts:
For the better part of a decade, Republicans have deprived the people of North Carolina the right to representation consistent with their beliefs and the opportunity to fairly choose their Representatives. This shameful era must finally end. Courts agree.
Wow. So it was all in black-and-white: Cohen was to help AT&T on the Time Warner merger. Is the defense going to be: Yes we were getting a payoff but my DOJ didn’t deliver?
WashPost's , who broke the "shithole" story, bylined six stories on today. SIX!
Washington Post: USPS warms 46 states that some mail ballots won’t arrive by Election Day.
Conspiracy theories are a dangerous threat to our democracy.
Lots of precedent to argue that special investigation won't impede parallel probes, via
$300M fine against AMAZON for tax dodge in EU... Nothing on front page? Democracy Dies... with monopolistic Bezos!!
3 steps to avoid #fakenews: 1. Spot the Bots - no profile pic? No bio? No go. 2. Real news has real URLs (e.g., 3. Public pg on FB? Might be fake. Be skeptical, check sources. And don’t share if ur unsure.
Hi everyone. I’m reporting today from remote Los Fresnos, TX, where lawyers and media crews are waiting to see if parents will be reunited with their kids. Lawyers say facility is full. See video and articles at
Good example of what media “bias” looks like. You pick bits of information that further your narrative,ignore those that don’t & avoid nuance. What I have actually repeatedly warned about is violent agitators from various anti-govt/anti-police movements
A ‘sea change’ for prosecutors in Northern Virginia as liberal democratic candidates sweep races. How’d that happen last year? Oh wait nvm, George Soros. cc:
ICYMI: Our #IWMFCourage winners – , , , and Anna Nimiriano – are featured on the homepage of today!
Refreshing all afternoon... #cryptic
Lots of great journalism on The website tonight. Deeply reported stories on the coronavirus, the presidential race and more, from a tireless team of reporters and editors: Proud to be part of the team.
NOW has submitted his written answers to Robert Mueller. Stay tuned here.
1/4 The President once again vetoed Congress's effort to ban weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, which has committed extensive law of war violations in Yemen & killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Yesterday, the Senate failed to override, letting sales continue.
“We’re not anti-doctor, not anti-medical intervention, and not anti-surgery if it’s consented to,” ED
New day in Washington. Stumbling superpower and rumbling soap opera. Roller coaster. Morning tweets fired from White House.
Everyone should go to now and see what happens.
Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA that its tools had been breached
Look, mom, I’m on TV-ish. We are Live from Atlanta for the debate w/ superstars . No cable needed
#COVID19 now leading cause of #death in #USA, 2nd only to heart disease. Interesting to see the relative distribution across states, possibly influenced by variation in preparedness, policy, demographics, local testing, frequency of reporting. Thoughts?
My column on the Maryland regents dumpster fire is now up at
Name me one other group w/ our history? 😉 We have a whole Bureau of Indian Affairs, friend. In terms policy/benefits, Western govts have crafted policy specifically 4 groups 4 yrs. Eg, Holocaust heirs receiving reparations in shoes of their ancestors
On Jan 1, 2018, the ends unlimited complimentary access to content via or via apps for users with an .edu email address. Those with a valid .gov or .mil email address can still enjoy full access at this time. Academic rate $5 for four weeks
Safra Center's in : "I, for one, would much rather ride it out with a massively scaled-up testing regime than with repeated applications of stay-at-home orders."
NEWS: Trump considers backing away from Strange in heated Ala. Senate race w
If he’ll pardon Arpaio, why wouldn’t Trump pardon those who ignore Robert Mueller? - The -
WWJD? God gives Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un, evangelical adviser says
If you work for Trump, it’s time to quit - The Washington Post -
7 times Trump tried to call off the dogs on Russia - The Washington Post -
Woohoo! I made the front page of the . Thanks to Jason, Angela, and CWG for making that happen. 😊
NEW: Lawmakers express shock & concern about Trump disclosure of classified info: (w/ )
hi is that twitter support can you tell me why jared kushner is trending yes i’ll hold
Want to know about the North Korea situation? We've got FIVE stories top of the homepage right now
Has the Washington Post reported on the allegation, made by an Epstein victim, that Bill Clinton was present on pedophile island? No results found for +Epstein +Clinton +Giuffre site:.
A day of teamwork. Keep up with our reports at . We have more stories posting soon.
UMBC ads popping up all over , at least for this area reporter. Big ad buy.
Read this. ‘I will not be complicit.’ Jeff Flake’s retirement speech, - Washington Post -
I’ll join the video team and at 8:30 a.m. ET Wednesday to discuss my latest reporting on the impeachment hearings and the debate. Join us for the livestream on or on YouTube.
Google "trump lies site:" and a lot of what you get is fake numbers.
We need to get past idea of “turning the corner“ on #COVID19 - Number of deaths three times higher in Israel in this second wave, and big lessons for US and others….
The Bernie Bros and sisters are coming to Republicans’ rescue - The Washington Post -
So many good stories on our website tonight, by so many good reporters. Please go to and spend some time.
Pardon me while I interrupt this carnival of self-pity to shed a single tear for President Trump.
Only actually rewrites your browser's URL to the home page when you hit their paywall. No one else does this. Pretty unfriendly and weird.
Real Housewives isn’t, and neither are they: Ivana and Melania Trump's feud, explained
Trump turmoil is spreading far beyond Washington to state and local races, reports
Great WaPo headline right now: "For a few minutes, America was able to look up and forget"
"Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats" -
I really don't like the way that redirects when you hit their paywall so that you lose the URL. No one else does that.
Gingrich spreads conspiracy theory about slain DNC staffer - The Washington Post -
Facepalm alert: currently has 3 front page stories on Met gala. has 3 on Jimmy Kimmel.
Do you see where this is going? I mean hotter and hotter, and there is no sign of the trajectory ending. Warmer winters may be favorable to many, but think of the summers too. The increased heat will not be dry heat in the east...
The biggest snow in decades just fell in Paris. Here’s what it looked like. - The -
This is what a town looks like after an EF-4 tornado -- only it's an island.
Wow. 4 years for all those crimes against the United States?