Virginia incel blew his hand off while working on explosive he fantasized about using to kill cheerleaders at a mall.
An incel blew off both of his hands while trying to make a bomb to kill "hot cheerleaders" and if there's anything more 2020 than that sentence we don't know what it is.
“It’s a situation where my son needs help and I hope he gets the help he needs,” Carini's mom told The Daily Beast. “Not to sound cliche, but I had no idea [about the bomb-making materials]. And I’m willing to work with him. My son needs help.”
VA Elliot Rodger fan tried to make TATP pipe bombs and it didn’t go well: “Carini...showed up at the Clinch Valley Medical Center with a missing hand. Several fingers on Carini’s other hand were also gone, and he had shrapnel wounds to the neck and throat”
Accused Incel Bombmaker Wrote of Revenge on ‘Hot Cheerleaders Cole Carini, 23, apparently blew himself up but claimed he was injured in a lawnmower accident, court documents say
Trump supporting MAFA bomber blows off hand making bomb so he can kill peaceful, patriotic Americans protesting Trump's fascist regime.