“In technology, there are zero [B]lack members of the senior leadership teams of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.”
“Yet many of the same companies expressing solidarity have contributed to systemic inequality, targeted the black community with unhealthy products and services, and failed to hire, promote and fairly compensate black men and women.” via
As companies rushed to support #BlackLivesMatter, their words often rang hollow. Bottom line: big business has exacerbated inequality, targeted minorities, and failed to hire, promote and fairly compensate black men and women. My Sunday Biz cover. 1/
Many black business leaders are speaking candidly about their private fears, as well as their disappointment with the U.S. corporate apparatus
⁦⁦⁦”There seems to be a quest to get back to a level of normalcy. But that’s not good enough, because normalcy meant exclusion, it meant looking at disparity and shrugging,” says ⁦
Corporate America cannot provide token responses to systemic problems. It is going to take a systemic response to sufficiently address this crisis that has been decades in the making.
Yes, but,to be fair, what parts of America haven't? 😢
“...why their companies lack #diversity...fall back on the argument that there is a pipeline problem;” “companies simply aren’t looking hard enough...and have a monoculture that overlooks black talent.” & #Academia Corporate America Failed Black America
Corporate America should get behind: 1) demilitarizing the police 2) minimizing barriers to voting 3) rethinking the war on drugs
TY ⁦⁩ for another great story on the urgent need for change in corporate America. A more diverse corporate America means more successful, profitable and just businesses.
An excellent story by about race and corporate America. Many companies report have no senior executives who are black, via #csr
Corporate America has failed black America
2/ “The playbook is: Issue a statement, get a group of Af-Am leaders on a conference call, apologize & have your corporate foundation make a contribution to the NAACP & the Urban League,” Mr. Walker sd. “That’s not going to work in this crisis.”