This is an important and beautiful piece of work on #COVID19 demonstrating Neuropilin-1 is a host receptor for #SARSCoV2 cell entry via S1 CendR motif generated by the furin cleavage of S1/S2 spike (S) protein => Alternative entry pathway to ACE2 & TMPRSS2
Two independent studies showing #COVID19 uses its furin-cleaved S1 CendR (sender) motif to hijack cell surface Neuropilin-1 in order to (1) facilitate host cell entry and (2) enhance viral spread to the CNS.
Lab preprint - NRP1 a host factor for SARS-CoV-2 infection . Fantastic effort James, Boris, Carlos , an inspiring collaboration with , Andrew Davidson and David Matthews lab’s . NRP1, a therapeutic target for COVID-19?
An exciting paper . Independent evidence proposing a role for NRP1 in SARS-CoV-2 infectivity .
bioRxiv viewer Work from describing a new pathway of human cellular interaction by SARS CoV2 helping explain its extensive tissue tropism