Last week we revealed Microsoft is replacing its human news editors with artificial intelligence software. A week later the robot journalist is facing accusations of racism after it confused different mixed-race members of Little Mix.
The humans supervising the racist robots have been told the racist robots may try and write stories about how they’re racist, and if they do, the humans are to intervene to stop it
Staff at MSN have also been told to await the publication of this Guardian article and try to manually delete it from the website, because there is a high risk the Microsoft robot editor taking their jobs will decide it is of interest to MSN readers.
The last four paras in this piece are just something special
"Microsoft’s decision to replace human journalists with robots has backfired, after the tech company’s artificial intelligence software illustrated a news story about racism with a photo of the wrong mixed-race member of the band Little Mix"
Human staff "have also been warned that even if they delete it, the robot editor may overrule them and attempt to publish it again."
Thread 1/ Let me get this straight: i) replaces human journalists with a robot; ii) the robot turns out to be racist; iii) Microsoft then asks human staff to monitor MSN and censor the robot editor when it publishes stories that criticise MSN.
Microsoft's robot editor confuses mixed-race band members, offers hope to human journos worldwide
For journalists who thought that pissing off woke colleagues was their biggest worry, meet your new robot overlords: "Even if they delete it, the robot editor may overrule them and attempt to publish it again."
AI safety researchers didn't see this one coming "Staff have been told to stay alert and delete a version of this article if the robot decides it is of interest and automatically publishes it...even if they delete it, the robot editor may overrule them"
The last few paragraphs suggests that MSN has got its priorities right... (It also suggests that if you really want to censor, you need humans, not AI)
Love this little bit of background on the trouble the MSN team is having working with their AI colleagues in this longer piece
It's hard not to imagine laughing to himself as he wrote the third-from-last-paragraph of this article on Microsoft's r*cist AI.