Late to this. But I think it’s a fascinating prescience that the Democratic Party nominated a candidate uniquely able to understand and give witness to loss at a time when we are losing so many lives to a pandemic.
NEW: For years,Biden kept a private collection of handwritten notes &drafts of eulogies. We reviewed it, & you can read parts here. What it says about how Biden would comfort a grieving nation-& what it says about Biden as a person. W/ ⁦
“Funerals are for the living,” Joe Biden once said. This much he knows. What his decades as eulogist -- captured in a private collection of notes, specked w/ his scribbles -- tell us about the president he aspires to be. A deep look w/
A great scoop here beautifully written by & , who got their hands on "an overstuffed binder...holding the raw materials of his grief." The Biden Eulogy Files
I am loving this piece by & about 's eulogies. I'm hearing the ring of Eastern Pennsylvania in some of the excerpts, a sort of John Updike flavor. Creative presentation of the story as well
NTY & reviewed nearly 60 eulogies to "offer an intimate window into how he sought to comfort those joining him in mourning" You can see video of many Biden eulogies and funeral service remarks here:
Joe Biden, mensch, master of grief and eulogies. You don't have to agree with all his reasons to respect him deeply.