Actually no. was quite right. Here's on the subject
Channel 4 FactCheck: Rowling right that hormones or surgery not required for legal gender change via
JK Rowling is correct that hormones or surgery (or plans to do either) are not needed for a legal gender change in the UK. Read my latest
Just realised, it's actually quite significant that Channel 4 pulled Penis News up on this, isn't it? Adults paying attention at last?
Fact check from Channel 4 here, It is indeed the case that gettting a GRC does not require any physical transtion, but this has been the case since 2004. So I don't understand why Rowling said "It is NOW the case" when it's been the case for 16 years
"After FactCheck contacted Pink News for comment on the apparent mismatch between their piece and government rules, they edited part of their article."