Partners in Health is used to working in the poorest regions of the poorest countries. Now they are leading Massachusetts' contact tracing. Their experiences remind us of the importance of "support" in test, trace, isolate, support. (A thread 1/8)
Stopping Covid means reducing unlinked infections, isolating infected patients quickly, and ensuring new cases only arise from quarantined contacts of Covid patients. To do all this, we need intensive, high-quality contact tracing programs across the US.
“There are humans on the phone calling to check on you & to help you think through, if there are people in your household that depend on you, how do you get tested, how do you isolate, how do you keep them safe? ‘Reverse innovation,’ Paul Farmer called it.
This is a beautiful but also sobering must read from the frontlines of the effort to contain the still actively spreading coronavirus.
The critical element the American system seemed to lack, which made tracing especially hard, was the social safety net: Can Coronavirus Contact Tracing Survive Reopening? via
"The decision to have design and administer the COVID-19 response in a city filled with world-class hospitals also suggested that, in a crisis, the American health-care system needed tools and resources that it didn’t already have. 1/
Maybe not what you’re looking for, but very good nonetheless.
States are doing contact tracing. It's just that every locale is doing tracing differently. Maryland's tracing is the most coordinated approach, based on my research over the last month. And yes people need support and coaxing to stay home
Important to also make sure contact tracing program is linked to the testing program. Need to use contact tracing as the approach to test more broadly. We should be testing all contacts of know cases and keep expanding that circle of testing.
Must-read. Can #COVID19 Contact Tracing Survive Reopening? via
“A better strategy, [than lockdowns] he believed...was to apply the basic contact-tracing formula: test for the virus, trace anyone in close contact with an infected person, and have them enter isolation.”
In spite of years of Remnick Ruin, the New Yorker can still do brilliant journalism occasionally.......... via
Can Coronavirus Contact Tracing Survive Reopening? via ⁦⁩ I’m concerned that cases from demonstrations & political rallies will be impossible to trace.
Can Coronavirus Contact Tracing Survive Reopening? | The New Yorker
If you ask me how we beat Ebola in West Africa there’s a three-second answer: Contact Tracing. via Dr. John Welch #ContactTracing #publichealth #COVID
Can #COVID19 Contact Tracing Survive Reopening? via
We beat #Ebola by Contact Tracing — Lets do the same for #COVID