. found a hole in one of the central theories of economic growth – the impact of racial violence on innovation. But getting her colleagues to see it took ten years.
So humbled & grateful for the interest in my violence, patents & economic activity paper & the story behind it. Thanks so much, team: , , & ! Story Of A Paper Patent Racism
My jaw fell open as I absorbed this story featuring . Marvel with me at her tenacity AND at the ignorance of reviewers who questioned the premise that lynchings would have a chilling effect on Black patent filers. Transcript
It's mindnumbing to think of the lost wealth & wealth theft from patents originated by Black people. 1899 was the peak year for African American patents per capita AND still is! Amazing story from
It took ⁦ 10 years to publish her work on the impact of racial violence on innovation. It shouldn’t take so long, and scholarly disciplines must abandon their conservative orientation.⁩ Patent Racism : Planet Money : NPR
This episode of is a must listen for . History matters! The questions we ask matter! Diversity in the academy matters!
Excellent episode about 's research on the impact of racial violence on patents and innovation
I urge you to listen to 's story about and her research. Knockout stuff. The opening jab is here: The uppercut here: from
Excelente episódio do Planet Money sobre a pesquisa da Lisa Cook, que mostra como a violência do período Jim Crow diminuiu o número de inovações/patentes por parte dos afro-americanos.
Economist challenges economic theory by showing how violence against Black people stifles innovation. This episode illuminates how Dr. Cook's economist colleagues tried to challenge and stifle her work.
Libraries need to take a long hard look at our racism: : "There was a sharp decline in patenting right at 1900, around the time of Plessy v. Ferguson... They've been locked out of libraries, where they used to go check the patent registries."
It's such a great podcast, for many reasons
econ professor at Michigan State, said she became dismayed by a decadelong review process at top journals as she tried to publish a paper that concluded ethnic and political conflict may affect invention and economic growth over time.”