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My mom read my F is for Family essay and reminded me that dads are overrated. She also lobbed a protest about how I did not even dedicate a sentence to the mother on the show, Sue Murphy. I simply forgot.
Brand new essay by , who has become one of my favorite culture writers. I'm not an animated series kind of guy, but this made me want to check out and 's "F is for Family."
Racial humor is often seen through a binary lens: when it's used to advance a post-racial narrative, or as an exclusionary cudgel, it's tasteless bigotry. But when it runs counter to the hegemonic forces in society, it's viewed as subversive.
I believe F is for Family is TV's most offensively funny family sitcom. I decided to try (& probably fail) to explain why the show is funny. I even spoke to co-creator about it. was cool to allow me to explore this peculiar pitch.
Every character in "F is for Family" occupies a room inside America’s tragicomic psych ward of gap-toothed bullies, racist pancake houses, chauvinistic action stars, and dads with enough emotional baggage to bring down airplanes.
F is for Family is a juicy remix of every family sitcom that came before it; a postmodern family that uses the the saturated colors of Saturday morning cartoons to smartly explore the shades of sexism and racism in dramas like Mad Men.