Here is a new paper from the Regeneron Genetics Center A new, fast ML method for whole genome regression. The REGENIE website is here with free source code. Amazing work from 1/10
Extreme case control ratios (cases<<<controls) in GWAS produce false positives and hence require efficient methods such as SAIGE. But SAIGE is excruciatingly slow. Now we have REGENIE, which seems to outperform almost every state of the art GWAS methods.
Developed by with our colleagues at , the Glow whole genome regression (GlowGR) implements a distributed variant of the core algorithm of the new Regenie package just released by and at #RGC 2/4
SAIGE is a fantastic tool for biobank-scale GWAS of case/control data when cases<<<<controls. Unfortunately, SAIGE is slow. Joelle Mbatchou & introduce a new blisteringly fast method, REGENIE.