Heard briefing today on contact tracing program. Impressed w/ very high level of effort (3000 working on it), high level of testing 30,000 a day now (goal of 50,000 day soon), # of contacts identified (6672) and other details of program 1/x
NYC Contact Tracing June 1-20 Only 37% of cases known to be infected offered a contact 7,584 cases - 1,164 no phone number - 172 not reached - 2,451 did not complete interview - 989 did not offer a contact 2,808 offered at least 1 contact
Here's a link to where you can find NYC's #coronavirus #COVID #contacttracing data: No one is reporting this level of detail. We *need* this level of transparency to learn and do better.
The best way to understand what is working is to have indicators readily and publicly available. Bravo to for publicizing tracing data and detailed (and disaggregated) case/death/test/etc data