Japan didn’t need to hire large teams of contact tracers. They were already in place. Nurses at their public health centers routinely contact community residents to provide health education and services (check on newborns, advise the elderly).
Japan is using big teams of public health nurses to perform "cluster busting" contact tracing. A thread summarizing their approach, as described in this translated (almost official) guidance document now on the web. 1/11
19. A web of 450+ institutions across #Japan played a crucial role in limiting the nation’s outbreak. Japan already had an army of trained #ContactTracers when #COVID19 struck, and may provide a model for other countries #COVIDResponseCorps
The low-tech way that Japan managed to tackle the virus quickly via and (feat: , I guess)
4. It would be great if we had data in the US except we don't have the army of public health nurses (50,000) that do extensive contact tracing not only for COVID-19 but for the flu, TB, and other infectious diseases. Archive: