Has any other G7 country—G20 even—ever been cursed with such a mediocre and desultory “great and good”? You couldn’t read a book at dusk by the light of these luminaries.
BREAKING: 19 prominent political voices have signed their names to a letter delivered to the Prime Minister just yesterday, asking him to consider ending Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou's extradition in order to bring Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor home.
14, um, 'prominent Canadians' urge the Government of Canada to make every Canadian in China a sitting duck for arrest and incarceration any time China wants something from us: Former parliamentarians, diplomats call on Canada to release Meng #cdnpoli
Bowing to China's bullying & ignoring rule of law would only encourage other bullies to push Canada around. #China #Cdnpoli #Canada Former parliamentarians, diplomats pen letter calling on Canada to release Meng | CBC News
This cross-partisan letter from members of the political establishment, including Lloyd Axworthy, Hugh Segal, and Ed Broadbent is a remarkably damning indictment of the Laurentian establishment, its naiveté, and its apparent ambivalence to the rule of law.
The individuals who signed this letter are risking the lives of Canadians. If you allow China to take us hostage, they will do it again and again.
soooo.... basically, China took two hostages. and 19 hot young Canadian political guns from 1975 say we should give Beijing what it wants as part of a new "strategic something-something"