CDC says COVID-19 cases in U.S. may be 10 times higher than reported
There may be 10 times as many Covid-19 cases as known. This message was delivered in an CDC hour long phone briefing. News that 20 million people may have the virus merits a nationally televised White House briefing not a call. An information tragedy.
We just hit a record-high for new #COVID19 cases, and CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said today that for every case that's reported, there are likely 10 other (unreported) infections.
CDC removes age as COVID-19 risk factor, says cases may be 10 times higher than reported
NBC News: CDC says #covid19 cases in U.S. may be 10 times higher than reported.
If the CDC now estimates that the asymptomatic may represent 10x the symptomatic, that dramatically lowers their IFR estimate.
The sad news is that globally, we're probably approaching 100 million COVID cases rapidly. Serological studies show that even countries where testing is intense, 9 out of 10 cases are missed. Hence the factor 10 (confirmed cases ~9.5M).
Alternate headline: “CDC says COVID-19 fatality rate may be 10 times lower than reported”