Here are some statistics about NY's nursing home death toll that Cuomo chooses not to cite (bearing in mind that the official number is an undercount): In terms of total deaths, NY is No. 2 behind NJ.
The toll that #COVID19 had taken on nursing home residents is staggering.
More than 84,000 coronavirus deaths have been reported among residents and employees of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in the US, according to data collected by The . We've been tracking covid in nursing homes since March.
We've updated our numbers tracking the coronavirus outbreak in nursing homes and similar facilities. At least 57,000 residents and workers have died in the U.S. % of U.S. cases: 9% % of U.S. deaths: 42%
43% of U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Linked to Nursing Homes, and ⁦⁩ is one of the biggest reasons for that.
Nearly 40% of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. so far were residents or staff of nursing homes or long-term facilities for the elderly, according to our database. As of October 20, the virus has infected more than 540,000 people at some 21,000 facilities.
2/ In the US, nursing home residents and other seniors in residential settings have accounted for about 10% of total Covid-19 cases. But they have also represented a staggering 40% of fatalities to date, according to a New York Times analysis.
Nursing home residents & staff account for 1 in 9 confirmed cases of #SARSCoV2 in the US & nearly half of all US deaths from #COVID19. We’ve failed to protect our elders & the most vulnerable. Check yourself if you find this a relief. #ageism #Ableism
43% of U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Linked to Nursing Homes
While 11% of US’s #COVID19 cases have occurred in long-term care facilities, deaths related to #COVID19 in these facilities account for more than 43% of US’s pandemic fatalities. Other large clusters have emerged in prisons and food processing facilities.
It is hard to separate the US Covid story from the nursing home situation, with almost half of fatalities in nursing homes This new surge will test the ability of certain states to protect nursing home residents, something early states did not do well
How do we protect nursing homes? 41% of Covid deaths in U.S. are linked to nursing homes.
43% of U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Linked to Nursing Homes In fairness, this is not a problem unique to the US. Same issue in Canada (esp Quebec & Ontario), Sweden, and the UK
282,000 infected 54,000 deaths 17% case fatality rate I said early on that nursing homes are the ground zero of this pandemic and 100,000 nursing home residents will die unless we take urgent action. Better protection is essential.
This is preventable!!! More Than 40% of U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Linked to #NursingHomes
Collectively, we have failed our elders...😩 About 38% of U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Linked to Nursing Homes
Median percent of COVID deaths (of states that report data) in LTC facilities is 51%.
Focus on HVAC, Masks and filtration would certainly had made these stats less horrible as people could have protected themselves properly......
More Than 40% of U.S. #coronavirus Deaths Are Linked to Nursing Homes via