I think one of the key lessons from Covid-19 is that blaming govs for decisions that turned out bad given later data is counterproductive, but one should really fix institutional practices that generate bad data (such as limiting testing) & slow response.
Into the fog: How Britain lost track of the coronavirus
Everyone makes mistakes, but we try to learn from them. ⁦What on earth has gone wrong ⁩ ? And yes, I know many problems go back to Cabinet Office but its CE needs to use his “independence” & speak out ... or go. People are dying
This is an important investigation, and does much to explain why the UK was too slow in responding to Covid-19. Into the fog: How Britain lost track of the coronavirus via
This is damning and feels exactly like what happened when loads of us were talking about testing more people, more symptoms being important and how we couldn’t get people tested. It’s embarrassing
A catalogue of government incompetence to COVID. On offer to help: "Crick had spare capacity to run >1,000 more tests a day. But despite intensive lobbying to government ministers, NHS leaders, the PHE chief, the testing programme was blocked"
Chaos. Complacency. Secrecy. Incompetence. Read this devastating investigation and it becomes clear why COVID-19 has killed more than 43,000 people in Britain. By and the team #mustread
An excellent chronicle of the mistakes leading to 60,000 deaths. Of all the errors made, the refusal to share info w/ local public health team is perhaps the least easy to explain. #leicesterlockdown
Definitive UK #COVID19 story from et al makes grim reading
laboratories nationwide. Selbie, who joked when he took his then £185,000-a-year job in 2013 that his public health credentials could be fitted “on a postage stamp,” was chief executive of Public Health England.
How Britain lost track of coronavirus - detailed ⁦⁩ investigation into how government ineptitude cost thousands of lives
Almost any mistake that could have been made was made: “Into the fog - How Britain lost track of the coronavirus”
Into the fog: How Britain lost track of the #coronavirus via et al &
"Britain’s refusal to recognize more symptoms created space for the virus to spread. Because testing was restricted to people exhibiting the UK’s narrow range of symptoms, many cases likely went unnoticed and the virus spread unchecked" cc
Into the fog: How Britain lost track of the coronavirus via