A member of a NYC Community Education Council to a colleague: "It hurts people when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap." "I would like to know how having my friend's nephew on my lap was racist." "Read a book. Read White Fragility."
Every concern I have about the successor ideology and the dysfunction it can sow in important institutions is captured in this public meeting from New York City It's too long and tedious to be a parody but it could hardly be more outlandish if it was 1/
[THREAD] 1/ This video is an extraordinary window into the cult of Anti-Racism that's seizing affluent (mostly) white urbanites. Watch these segments: 14:55-16:20 18:30-19:30 20:30-22:00 26:25-29:00 (essential) 40:30-42:40 52:50-54:00
This amazing front-row-seat to a 3rd-wave Anti-Racist Struggle Session is where got his footage. Does this seem like a great way to facilitate communication & cooperation among colleagues w diverse cultural backgrounds & personalities?
Oh my God, do yourself a favor and listen to this righteous philippic by earlier in the meeting. What a hero.
Watching this, I am fully in favor of 's plan of defunding all education, not just higher ed
Here is the original posting of the council meeting so you can see that the council posted it themselves and this is not some kind of "gotcha" video to exploit individuals. I am trying to stay true to my principles.
NYC school Commission meeting after anti0racism training.
I enjoy watching this meeting of a Community Education Council in Manhattan and feeling glad I'm not there