A banana explores the poweful accomplishment that the Five Factor Model of personality represents for social science
One of the last things my old mentor Lee Sechrest said to me before he died was, “the problem with psychologists is that they just aren’t interested enough in real life.”
A critique of the conceptual foundations of Big Five personality theory by an intelligent outsider (). I’d be interested in a response from someone working in the field. I don’t know enough to evaluate this, though it seems right prima facie.
"Conscientiousness was not found to correlate with mask wearing in a sample of thousands in Spain during the coronavirus epidemic (Barceló & Sheen, 2020)."
This banana has some interesting things to say about "The Big Five" personality constructs (mainly that they're not real things) via
“The most impressive aspect of the ongoing accomplishment of the Five Factor Model is the degree to which it deflects curiosity about its underlying meaning with rituals of scientific validation, regardless of the rituals’ appropriateness in context.”
Long-winded but interesting criticism of the Big Five and personality psychology in general. Featuring Galton quotes!
I think the Big 5 is almost entirely a fancy sounding way of saying that if you ask people some very similar questions they usually answer the same way as each other.