A herdsman in Inner Mongolia was confirmed to be infected with bubonic plague, Chinese health officials said, a reminder of how even as the world battles a pandemic caused by a novel virus, old threats remain
Given the fact that there are ~7 cases of bubonic plague a year in the United States (), unclear from context why a single case in China is newsworthy for an article. Is the low level alert by the region?
Bubonic Plague Is Diagnosed in China. An Inner Mongolia city put control measures in place after one confirmed case of the disease, which caused the Black Death in the Middle Ages.
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Bubonic plague detected in China (just in case you thought 2020 could not get any worse for the world)
Beyond irresponsibly stoking fear it’s unclear why the felt the need to report this. Y pestis is also found here in the US ... Bubonic Plague Is Diagnosed in China
(Not sure why 🐑 picture didn’t show so posting article again for dramatic effect). From CDC: US still gets 1-17 cases of bubonic plague per year, mostly in West. Last urban plague epidemic in US was in LA from 1924-25.
Not now, bubonic plague
Please trust me that this is really not newsworthy. Y.pestis remains in wild rodents, sporadic cases occur every year, and it’s readily treatable. Bubonic Plague Found in a Herder in Inner Mongolia, China Says
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Everything old is new again: 2020 edition.
Oh great, next we are going to have the bubonic plague. The original.