This piece, from , is personal, complex, terrifying (that rooftop shot) and moving. How can we better navigate our neighbors and neighborhoods? How do we, for the common good, handle what scares us?
"In recent weeks, the protests over the killing of George Floyd have provoked an unusually wide-ranging debate about how to respond to police violence. Earmark funds for reform? Defund the police? Abolish them?" writes
I lived on Rose Avenue in Venice Beach for 7 years. I saw a lot of crime. And I witnessed the LAPD shoot and kill someone. Here's what I think about the best way forward there after years of observation.
Unbundling the police in Venice Beach
On those blocks I saw a knife fight, a hit-and-run, car windows busted by smash-and-grab thieves, a heroin overdose, men shouting threats at passersby, perhaps two dozen late-night domestic disputes, and all manner of drunk or disorderly behavior.