Kicking international students out of the US during a global pandemic because their colleges are moving classes online for physical distancing hurts students. It’s senseless, cruel, and xenophobic. and must drop this policy immediately.
Having foreign students on US campuses is a great way to make non-Americans pro-American. It is also a great way to introduce them to our ideals & persuade them to stay or take those ideals home. We seem now to be intent on turning them away & against us
Confused. What danger do international students pose if they're... already here in the US? Immigration and Customs Enforcement now saying they may be deported if their university goes online-only.
Stupid. Cruel. Vile.
NEW: ICE tells international students to “transfer to a school with in-person instruction” or leave the U.S. if their school goes online-only this fall, the agency says Monday.
This is going to kill universities across America. International students are often full pay and subsidize low income American students. Plus it's just racist....
A reminder — along with the green card freeze and work visa suspensions — that the administration’s target has always been *legal* immigration. It is not and has never been just about punishing illegal entry.
U.S. says foreign students may have to leave if their school goes online-only via
As someone who was on an F and J student visas, this is very sad and completely unnecessary. 197 days. Can't come soon enough.
Again, the cruelty seems to be the point. (H/t) via
International students pay $$$ to American schools, only to be treated like this by the US government
The unforeseen and cruel consequences of US university courses going online...
Based on the severe injustice of thousands of international students being forced to leave the US if their schools are online-only, what can we do to protect international students & keep everyone safe/healthy? What is your school doing? What are you doing?
Simply shocked and sad for my daughter who is attending #Parsons School of design. I hope that this will change. International students and diversities are an added value to every civilization. I hope that universities will react to this sad decision