If you read this without knowing the details of the incident in Seattle you might draw an inaccurate conclusion about the driver. Par for the course at NYT.
In recent days, 1 person was killed in Seattle and 2 people were injured in Bloomington, Indiana, after people drove their cars into protesters. Supporters of far-right organizations have been circulating memes and slogans encouraging such attacks.
Hey law enforcement: I know a lot of you guys are way more concerned about far-right extremism than you let on publicly. Text me securely via Signal at (202)510-1268
This is the "cancel culture" we should be worried about.
There have been at least 66 car attacks on protesters nationwide since George Floyd was murdered — including seven by police
Drivers who intentionally plow into protesters should be charged with attempted murder and probably terrorism.
There have been over 66 car ramming attacks since #GeorgeFloyd was killed = a new tactic from the extreme/racist right wing (ISIS did it too); Including "boogaloo" who are disseminating ramming memes on social media to encourage individuals to follow suit.
Drivers Are Hitting Protesters as Memes of Car Attacks Spread
66 car attacks since Memorial Day and the start of the Black Lives Matter protests...cannot ignore this... via
I was wondering when our little neck of the woods would make it into the national news. Not something to be proud of. Truly disgraceful behavior that needs to have perpetrators doing jail time - both for initial incident & for the subsequent fallout.