Facebook VP Nick Clegg said that Facebook “holds a mirror up to society,” but this ignores the fact that mirrors reflect while Facebook amplifies and recruits, writes .
That FB thing keeps making the rounds, so just a reminder that it’s a demonstrably false claim that a particular kind of “populism” just *happens* to do better on Facebook. They promote it. They recommend it. They augment it.
the 🔥 from on facebook's empty civil rights promises does not quit and i highly recommend reading to the end
"The weird thing here is that what civil rights organizations are primarily asking Zuckerberg to do is get the white supremacy off of his platform, but he’s treating it like a hostage negotiation." [email protected]
How much white supremacy & hate are we willing to tolerate in exchange for whatever “good” one thinks Facebook does? It’s similar to asking “how much lead do you want in your water?” or “How much E. coli do you want in your food?” --
🥁 "A company whose business model necessitates that it consistently discharge poison into the environment should be dismantled."