I barely know ⁦⁩, but when I didn’t know her at ALL, she went out of her way to help me and it changed my life. Many such cases! For added lulz, the fact that she doesn’t take herself overly seriously really angers her haters.
. doesn't really care what people say about her on the Internet, so she doesn't need an article telling the world what she's really like. But I recommend you read it and learn some of the reasons I'm proud to call her a friend
Thank you to for this profile of me. It's a strange thing have someone talk to you and everyone you love to then write a piece about what makes you tick, but I think Ron captured it well
Good profile of my better half , a brilliant force of nature I'm lucky to have as my partner and the mother of my kids
Conservative iconoclast survived the backlash to her "We need to start befriending neo-Nazis" article. She doesn't mind if you call her "Grandma Killer," either.
Great profile of alum . And thanks for the #Hillel shout out!
Bethany Mandel will not be canceled - Jewish Telegraphic Agency via
In case you didn’t already know this... is a badass who has overcome a lot and wants to kill your Grandma. 😂
Sharp, funny, easy to agree and disagree with and eminently worth reading and following. As for being canceled - ha!