There’s a 155 acre college campus for sale in Vermont. Minimum bid is just $3 million.
Magnificent 155-Acre College Campus 22 Impressive Buildings – 447,000 Sq Ft Environmentally Sustainable/Green Campus Financing Available (Pre-Qualification Required) $3,000,000 Minimum Bid
For sale: college campus
You can buy a college campus, in Vermont, and Erving Goffman would appreciate this detail from the realtor's website: "Potential Alternative Uses Include Religious Compound, Assisted Living, Housing, Summer Camp, Addiction Retreat" (h/t )
Green Mountain College, a 155-acre college campus in Vermont, is on sale. Minimum bid is just $3 million. As notes: “if you believe that retreat centers will thrive in the post-Covid remote working world, this is an opportunity.”
There's a 155-acre college campus for sale with a starting bid of $3M dollars. I call it Satoshi University -- a place for unlearning broken fiat systems and relearning the art of stacking sats. Who's in?
Alright crypto twitter, let’s do something amazing. The entire Green Mountain College campus is up for auction, $3.2 million starting bid. Let’s buy this and turn it into a hacker house / education center / prototyping location. More details:
College campus for sale
It’s smart to list this US college campus now before the market floods in a couple of years
If each one of my twitter followers gives me $757 we can buy this beautiful college campus in Vermont and make it the first online to offline university
It would be fun if some producers bought this then quarantined and moved a bunch of actors/actresses/crew/etc on location to make some cheesy new CW type-content that wouldn't get made for another year without people doing something similarly crazy.
The wave is just starting of college campuses that will be for sale as higher education moves online and the college degree becomes irrelevant for most people. 155-ACRE COLLEGE CAMPUS $3M opening bid
Good Lord. Bit big for a Error Detection Institute but it'd do.
I kind of want my retirement plan to be pool a bunch of money with a group of friends, buy a shuttered college and turn it into our retirement commune.
Trump U. could buy this and rename itself “The Con Academy.”