Hi, I'm the other half of Sleeping Giants. This is my story.
Live by the cancel, die by the cancel
imagine trying to cancel someone when you got cancelled three weeks ago 
Every woman in leadership who has been told to reduce her visibility so that a man could have more: Please stand up.
Read this by , the co-founder of , on "how a woman of color almost disappeared from the movement she built, and what you can achieve when you refuse to follow the rules your white male 'leader' sets for you."
One of the things I dislike most is people using supposedly moral projects and campaigns to purely self-promote, particularly when they blot out the people doing the actual work in the meantime. This sounds like one of those situations
The left eats itself, as always
I read this and have two thoughts 1 - What Matt did to Nandini is some bullshit, he clearly wanted all the rewards and was unfair to her 2 - Matt is certainly worse but they are both narcissistic amoral egotists exacerbating the worst of Cancel Culture
I’m leaving Sleeping Giants, but not because I want to - How my white male co-founder gaslighted me out of the movement we built together
This is what "cancel culture" actually looks like: white men hogging the credit & spotlight, boxing out & overshadowing young women of color.
An eye-opening account about how the white male co-founder of shut out his partner, a younger woman of color
I read the other day, and just. I have a story. Much smaller-scale, but similar in outline. I can’t tell it in public yet; not enough water under the bridge, it’d burn some bridges my workplace still needs.