The headline does not do justice to this absolute brilliance.
Think boundaries and consent before you assume someone wants to dive in to the topic on your timelines and on your terms.
Here's a person who is annoyed and semi-offended that white people (allegedly) read his book and want to talk to him about it, thank you so much to the new editorial regime at the New York Times for "elevating" such critical "voices" as this
"You learned yesterday what white privilege means? Great! Welcome to 1962. This, however, doesn’t mean I need to engage you about it today. Or tomorrow. Or ever," writes .
If you're trying to learn more about racism, please read this for some do's and don'ts about how to go about it. Also, my gosh, can write. I'm not jealous. Really.
Best line I've read in a while. "I doubt the Road Runner, after a day of outrunning, outscheming and outlasting Wile E. Coyote, wishes to come home and explain coyote supremacy to the liberal coyotes who live in his neighborhood."
You Want to Talk About Racism? Pay Me
"You Want to Talk About Racism? Pay Me (And even then, maybe not)." by I feel that way about law. I take paypal.
Alternative headline for this amazing piece by : "Welcome to 1962"!
People shouldn't have to put up with this. If you're subjected to these things and feel they result in a hostile environment (likely given that DiAngelo brags about making people cry) you should complain to HR that they're inappropriate
Yeah, Let’s Not Talk About Race