The only woman in her Howard Law class, Pauli Murray, was laughed at for advocating we challenge the “separate” rather than “equal” aspect of segregation. A decade later Pauli’s law professor shared her argument with Thurgood Marshall. He used it and won.
Ginsburg was very clear that the jurisprudence of gender equality she successfully fought in front of the Supreme Court was only possible because of the work of Pauli Murray, a black trans attorney who didn't have the same opportunities are Ruth.
Pauli Murray was an architect of two of the most important social-justice movements of the twentieth century. Why isn’t she better known?
Pauli Murray conceived the legal strategy Ginsburg later employed to persuade SCOTUS to bar sex discrimination in the absence of an equal rights amendment to the constitution: Applying the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause to gender. via
"You are not of the sex entitled to be admitted to Harvard Law School"