Well, here's another turn in the Maria Butina story: She had a romantic relationship with 's CEO, who was an FBI informant. And he's now saying she's innocent. They met at the Las Vegas conference where she questioned Trump.
Elio Motors had $7,155 in cash remaining before came around. A quick glance at its newly-filed annual report shows Overstock's $2.5m investment is already getting chewed up by outstanding debt.
Blockchain Subsidiary Medici Land Governance Signs Agreement with World Bank to Enhance Access to Secure Land Rights in Developing Countries
Patrick Byrne, the founder of , has security clearances because of his work with the Council on Foreign Relations. But his relationship with Maria Butina, the "Russian spy" who was at the center of the Trump investigation, sounds like a Brad Thor thriller.
JUST IN! and execs sued for securities fraud, crypto strategy and bizarre CEO statements cited. alla
NEW: and execs sued for securities fraud, crypto strategy and bizarre CEO statements cited (via )
Elio Motors gets a $2.5 million lifeline from and is launching a ‘secure token offering’
James Comey and Andrew McCabe both say that the CEO of is lying. Now I’m 100% sure - he’s telling the truth.
Maria Butina and CEO Patrick Byrne were "romantically involved," according to lawyer
Soros' fund buys shares of cryptocurrency play , while dumping Facebook
Soros' fund buys shares of cryptocurrency play , while dumping Facebook
The multimillionaire CEO of engaged in a sexual relationship with Russian spy Maria Butina. The FBI put him up to it, he says.
Security token exchange platform raises $270 million in equity from GSR Capital. tZERO is a subsidiary of (Nasdaq:OSTK). #Blockchain #SecurityToken #Crypto #ICO #FinTech #CapitalMarketsTech
Why Is The CEO Writing Himself Into The Trump-Russia Story? via
Trying to capitalise on bitcoin fever: the controversial entrepreneur who runs might sell the retailer to start a blockchain company
BlockChannel:’s t0 to Launch Regulated Security Token Exchange #Bitcoin
The founder and CEO of , resigned earlier today, saying his involvement as a federal informant in the investigation of infamous Russian spy Maria Butina made his duties impossible. That’s not the whole story. This is:
shares tumble 13% after earnings
Deep State Collision: , Bitcoin, Patrick Byrne, Warren Buffett, and Russian Spy Sex
"He was the philosophizing founder and chief executive of , a publicly traded e-commerce retailer that sells discount furniture and bedding. She was an ambitious graduate student from Russia." every paragraph of this story is 👀:
“In eight months in integrating mParticle, we’ve been able to build an entire interconnected system where our channels actually talk to each other.” Craig Kelly,
Today at 1pm at the US Grant Hotel: If you're a philosopher working outside of academia, or if you are interested in working outside of academia, come to the Philosophers Beyond Academia kickoff event with CEO Patrick Byrne.
Thrilled to have ’s CEO Patrick Byrne on our advisory board for the HardFork Series :)
Hear from Kamelia Aryafar, Ph.D., Vice President, Head of Data Science at at Accelerate AI in San Francisco, Oct 31 - Nov 1. #ODSC #ODSCWest
Medici parent company, , began accepting Bitcoin in 2014. Today it allows payment from ~50 major cryptocurrencies.
Kamelia Aryfar, chief algorithms officer, : Deep learning aids with visual experience, sponsored search, organic search and ranking. Machine learning aids with fraud detection, CRM, inventory, supply chain optimization. #activate19
$OSTK "The world of technology is advancing at breakneck speed, and blockchains are at the forefront of a new world economy."
founder argues the Central Bank's stimulus methods are "old wine in new bottles." Can they prevent a crisis in light of recent market chaos?
"Chinese private equity firm GSR Capital has confirmed to Forbes that it signed a letter of intent to invest as much as $270 million in blockchain startup tZero, a subsidiary of e-commerce giant ." By
Hi Tiffany, T's and C's ...Your refund will be issued through Coinbase using the email address listed on your account. Please write us at [email protected] and I will check to see if there are alternatives. °RJ.
$OSTK "Blockchain is the operating system and bitcoin is the first app"
$OSTK "The only competition that’s out there are the people that lack integrity. Those are the people we need to compete with. Those are the people we want to fight with."
Laughing at ’s #roboadvisor? Its #CEO has some thoughts about that #fintech
Talked to George Soros' answering machine. It said buy $OSTK #YOLO
Volatile #Bitcoin Prices are great for investors, not for retailers, but has a way…
Amazon is starting its own healthcare company. Good for them, but I think I’ll continue to get my healthcare
Super excited to welcome ’s CEO Patrick Byrne to our advisory board for the HardFork Series :)
Subsidiary tZERO to Take 24% Interest in StockCross Financial | Business Wire
Dot-com bubble 2.0: invests in a three-wheel car maker that is funding development through a token offering called ElioCoin
“Votem, the mobile, decentralized voting platform, was about to close a Series B raise with Medici Ventures, ’s venture arm, when an odd report by ClevelandScene claimed the company had shut down.” via ⁦
someone needs to make a token for each item on so that they can be traded directly for doggos
$OSTK ’s Blockchain Subsidiary tZERO Commences $250M Token Sale #ICO
Patrick Byrne of has rattled Wall Street, shorts, and shareholders alike. (The graphic is for one month.) h/t
Philosophers Beyond Academia Network Kick-Off Event with CEO of - The American Philosophical Association #YourAPA
Patrick Byrne, the CEO of , resigns after disclosing romance with Russian agent:
Elio Motors gets new life with a $2.5 million in new cash from the head of , which will also sell the vehicles once they start building them. #ElioMotors #threewheeledcar
" CEO Patrick Byrne said he sold off about 900,000 “founders shares” in the company to fund other projects, including investments in Blockchain technology."
This is actually sad, this guy (CEO of who stepped down today) sounds legitimately mentally ill (sounds like paranoid schizophrenia). Lots of very-incoherent-sounding talk about the deep state and the FBI following him.
" , received a call from Marc Cohodes. He wanted to make a donation consisting of 5,000 shares of ." #shortseller #liar #FRAUDSTER You should be in jail. $WDI