This is a must-read for everyone who thinks we take this virus too seriously, we are exaggerating, we need to save the economy first. Multiple it by 10.000, or by 100.000 times, all over the world, right now: The New Stability | NEJM
The New Stability
"We are all attending now to a historic and global suffering, and learning the limit of the grief our hearts can bear" A heartbreaking read 💔😥
This essay () has been haunting me ever since I read it, but especially this passage 👇 The truth hurts and it is only by sharing such bedside testimony that we can try to convince those outside healthcare of the pandemic's mortal gravity:
Beautiful and haunting writing by
Hard, hard to read; but a brilliant piece of writing from the front lines. And you thought the just wrote dry technical papers...
Our society's "new normal" as seen from a Covid unit. Healthcare workers are the new narrators of the moment we are in. #COVID19
#COVID19 The New Stability | NEJM A raw read for a day when feelings are raw. A meditation on the human state. Doctor, patient, husband, wife. ”to die surrounded by no one who ever loved you” Do we wait until all of us know someone who has died?
This piece by in is heart-wrenching. Read it please. "And this is how you die, near no one who ever loved you, a spectacle of futility and fear." #COVID19 #WearAMask #StayHome
"What else is there to say? You are dead, like so many others, and the rest of us are left to live in the absence of any certainty. We can’t go on, and we go on...learning the limit of the grief our hearts can bear."
For anyone questionning the human cost of #Covid_19 or the need for #SocialDistancing or #lockdown and the societal impacts or reaction - please read this moving article in the available at: