NEW: List the illnesses that lead to severe Covid-19 complications and you will have described much of South Texas. I embedded in a hopsital and witnessed both new life and death at close range. The region is overwhelmed and there's no relief in sight.
"With 11,000 active infections in the region, public health officers estimate that hospitalizations could double within two weeks. But with every hospital nearby also full, it is not clear where the patients will go."
What’s happneing in the RGV is heartbreaking. And infuriating. Because it’s clearly a result of a choice that Abbott’s made. He could reduce suffering & death with a stay at home order. He could allow mayors & judges to issue their own. He chooses not to.
“Our curve is a straight up trajectory right now. There’s no flattening. There’s no relief.” reports from my hometown of Edinburg, Texas.
Extraordinary hospital scenes from Covid wards in a border town struggling with a surge of Covid cases; great reporting by and photography by
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And the reporting from yesterday. This article is constructed as a story of tragedy, which it certainly is. But nurses are also reporting that it is one of injustice and indifference. Listen to healthcare workers. #Covid_19 #healthcare