. . . maybe this will wake any remaining Rosenstein stans to the horror show that is the Rod Rosenstein. " . . . in effect, it meant that no child was too young to be separated from its parents under the policy"
Midway through Zero Tolerance in May 2018, deputy AG Rod Rosenstein told shocked US attorneys that they were required to prosecute parents arrested at the border, even if that meant separating them from their toddlers or babies.
Worth remembering the groundbreaking reporting did on this appalling story back in July. She is first on a lot of stories and not always acknowledged
The images of children crying for their parents still haunt me... horrifying that this was all calculated policy! Revealed: Rod Rosenstein advised there was no age limit on child separations
For most of my life, the Republican Party campaigned on what it called “family values.” They still rely on a base of evangelical Christians who say they want more religion in government. Now they have power, and this is how they use it: Child separations.