California officials’ decision to reopen restaurants/gyms/bars gave people the (false) idea that socializing is safe. “That was the whole reason my uncle thought it was OK to go out,” said one woman. Her uncle attended a BBQ and then died of COVID.
In the early months of the pandemic, California seemed to have been spared the worst of the coronavirus. But after its quick move to reopen, the state is now facing a massive surge of new cases and deaths
I set out to make sense of what happened to California's coronavirus "miracle." Here's what I came up with. “We all pretty much knew better, but we rolled the dice.”
Additionally, early mixed messages on face mask requirements and the growing politicization of even wearing one, to begin with, have left many residents with “a lack of clear understanding of what they should do."
Despite a slightly click-bait-y title (Florida is my idea of a nightmare; California is a big disappointment with too many tragedies), this piece on what went wrong in California is well written (by ) and interesting . I'm quoted.
California's COVID-19 Dream Has Devolved Into A Nightmare. Now What? via
Good read. Shows importance of clear, sustained public health messaging. Indirectly gets at tricky dance Newson's been navigating w/ eager-to-open county govts (e.g., OC, Riverside) pushing back against state orders, benchmarks, & "dimmer switch" approach