Big Oil funds junk research that climate change isn’t real. Wall Street peddles sham studies that banking rules hurt the economy. And Amazon & Google pay for a think tank to say Big Tech isn't too big & too powerful. This is thinly-disguised corruption.
If you’re wondering why the GMU antitrust crowd was going crazy and lashing out on here yesterday, it’s because they knew this piece was coming out revealing the crooked game they play as an academic fig leaf for Big Tech.
This makes me tired to my bones. It’s the same thing big pharma has been doing for years. This is just one of the things we mean when we say inequality destroys our politics.
Tech funding is everywhere in antitrust and it's exactly as bad as you'd think.
Read this amazing piece--which (for once) is undersold by its relatively understated headline. Details gleaned from emails and document requests are extremely striking, as is the methodically laid-out collection of publicly available facts
Here’s the (really good!) thing on GMU
Google and Amazon: We ❤️ ethics!! Also Google and Amazon: paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence lawmakers to not regulate them.
Important article about the latest chapter in a long-standing and pernicious tradition: Corporate funding of antitrust education for government officials.
The Chicago School markets itself as “rigorous” “modern economics” in antitrust, and yet from the start, it has been nothing other than a corporate creation. Shame on the economics field for letting itself be used like that.
nyt proving a thing we knew forever
Not to mention, we had pressing officials in Brazil to answer our questions. Here is our final product, a testament to the time and financial commitment of the Times to do important journalism.
George Mason’s Global Antitrust Institute, funded by Google, Amazon, etc., has an economics course for federal judges. They have already “trained” 850 judges from the US and other countries. Liberal academic run amok.
insightful story from about anti-antitrust influence efforts.
Regulatory capture in action
For those of you who don't know about the International Center for Law & Economics, you should probably read this article.
Brazilian friends, some of this NYT story pertains to wining and dining Brazilian judges involved in antitrust decisions. Paid trips to Lisbon, Hawaii, ... Worth reading.
This is a good piece on IO meets development and political economy. It reminded me of some of your work Marianne Bertrand
Big Tech Funds a Think Tank Pushing for Fewer Rules. For Big Tech.
This is great and nuanced reporting by to show how big tech companies work to shape regulators' ideas about appropriate application of competition laws. This is the power of influencing the influential.
How a Tech-Funded Think Tank Influences Global Antitrust Regulators
The new economics of antitrust can't arrive soon enough.