Despite Trump denial more reporting from that President did press Ambassador to get golf tournament for his Scottish resort: Woody Johnson and Trump: Why He May Be Too Loyal as an Ambassador - The New York Times
"Playing host at a small dinner on Tuesday night in honor of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the American ambassador to Britain, Robert Wood Johnson IV, told his guests that the wine was from President Trump’s vineyard..." me
In London, Mr. Johnson joined an exclusive men’s club, White’s, & began holding business lunches there. Because it does not allow women, he could not bring the embassy’s political affairs counselor, Jennifer Gavito, and invited her male deputy instead.
“He then warned the ambassador, Mr. Lukens said, that beyond the ethical and legal red flags raised by the conversation, it would be hugely embarrassing to the embassy and the State Department if it ever leaked out.”
Lukens says Trump asked Johnson to intervene to get his private club a prestigious golf tournament during a meeting in the Oval Office on Jan 29, 2018
Beware the appointment of cronies to sensitive diplomatic posts. Wonder what my friend David Frost would have made if this. No. Not the ‘national security adviser’. The real David Frost. — Woody Johnson and Trump: Why He May Be Too Loyal as an Ambassador
Mr. Johnson, a diplomat said, once asked if he had to speak to an audience that was “just a bunch of Black people.” On MLK’s Birthday, he asked what made the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. deserving of a holiday.