There's 10-20 times less Covid spreading in the northeast than in S Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Mississippi and other hotspots. Covid CAN be controlled.
Added a state ranking based on estimated incidence if all were testing the same. A way to account for differences in testing. Sortable.
The Northeast learned the hard way. Yeah for New Mexico, at least, which has remained a protected island
13/17 Explore great site, with Resolve essential indicators. We need a clear view of the pollen-count equivalent for every county: is it raining Covid around me? How well is my community doing protecting people from it? Few states ready to open schools.
Look at the Dakotas. No mask mandates. Losing to Covid. Reported rates are slightly higher in North Dakota (1,000 vs. 800/million/day), but, correct for test intensity and South Dakota has about 4x the rate of North Dakota and 20x rate of the Northeast. 7/
From - the great CovidExitStrategy group. As a single indicator, PCR positivity is best hint of disease spread. Cases/day in Alaska seem high, but they test 3-5x more than AZ, AL. And without knowing % cases in congregate, can't estimate risk in community.