Federal agents in Portland keep venturing away from the federal property they are purportedly there to protect. Here's our latest story, exploring how the pursuit of protesters on the streets may violate the legal authority the feds have cited.
New: Federal officers clearing into city streets, stretching legal limits “By the time the security forces halted their advance,the federal courthouse they had been sent to protect was out of sight,two blocks behind them.”
“This is not creeping authoritarianism...The authoritarianism is here.”
The aggressive incursion of federal officers into Portland has been stretching the legal limits of federal law enforcement, as agents with batons and riot gear range deep into the streets of a city whose leadership has made it clear they are not welcome.
This is the clearest account I've seen of conduct by federal agents that, if accurate, seems plainly beyond the bounds of any plausible statutory authority. Deeply, deeply concerning.
“This is not creeping authoritarianism,” Jennifer Kristiansen, one of many women who came out to the Portland protests in recent days to join the “Wall of Moms,” said. “The authoritarianism is here.”
Here's a scene from Portland as the feds began moving through the streets. w/ and
In this chilling piece, of argues in support of unmarked federal agents occupying an American city by force to quell political dissent, against the express will of state and local governments.
This video is worth watching to understand how , , and are creating violence in Portland.
Illegal federal troops tell protesting citizens their assembly is illegal. Clear abuse of US Constitution by agents who should not be there, the President who sent them, and the agency heads who lacked the patriotism and integrity to question those orders.
Ms. Kristiansen said that...one of the officers ended up assaulting her, groping her chest and backside during the arrest. “This is not creeping authoritarianism,” Ms. Kristiansen said. “The authoritarianism is here.”