The details in this story are jaw dropping. Among them: “In 2017, an advocacy group sued the secretary of state’s office over the integrity of the voting system. Within days, the state mysteriously deleted election data critical to the case.”
“Republicans took control of the Secretary of State’s office in 2007. They soon set about making it harder to vote.” - This article is infuriating + frightening. Read it to ready yourself. It’s not enough to say VOTE. We must defend our vote.
NEW: A big look at how Georgia's primary melted down The long lines June 9 were caused because even in precincts with 15+ voting machines, there was just a single scanner to process paper ballots, leading to hours-long backups. w/
It's clear that Georgia's June 9 primary was a collective collapse — a voting system pushed to the limit by a pandemic and, Democrats say, an attempt to disenfranchise minority voters. Here's how it became, as one poll worker said, "a complete meltdown."
Anatomy of an Election ‘Meltdown’ in Georgia - The New York Times
Mali, the West African country, ran a far better election than this and had some allegations of corruption. As a result it is currently experiencing a political crisis with 100,000s in the streets and calls for the president to resign. In the US: crickets.