Now battling nightly rounds of pepper spray and impact munitions fired by federal forces, some Portland activists worry that the nightly clashes are distracting from their demands for defunding or reforming local police departments
via Aggressive? Try violent.
I knew when she was getting teargassed covering occupy in Oakland now she is on the front lines in Portland. Proud of you boo. You continue to write important blogs ;)
Infuriating. These protestors don't realise, or don't care, that violence from their side is *helping* Trump, in addition to it being morally wrong.
Alright, at this point the ⁦⁩ has to be having a laugh, right? No one could take this headline seriously, could they? I live here. These “peaceful protestors” are using power tools to cut through fences and try and set buildings on fire.
2/ from the everyday needs of people of color, especially Black people. My life is not going to improve because you broke the glass at the Louis Vuitton store.”'
Our findings from surveys with #protesters document how opinions about violence and aggressive tactics have changed substantially over the past 4 years--even among participants at #protests focused on #racialjustice and #BlackLivesMatter
And normal people sympathize with even harder law enforcement.