3) Study suggests SARS-CoV-2 environmental contamination around COVID-19 patients is extensive, and hospital procedures should account for the risk of fomite, and potentially airborne, transmission of the virus.
New Nature paper confirms extensive surface contamination with viral RNA in Nebraska COVID hospital rooms. Unclear what proportion is cultivable, infectious virus
2)U. Nebraska Research found aerosols containing SARS-2 in rooms of COVID19 patients. Others found patients release SARS-2 by exhaling—without coughing or even talking. And one person is thought to have infected 52 at choir practice, likely via aerosols...
#NewSARS Infection Control infectious airborne & surface virus in rooms of patients. Spoton: Supports hospital procedures should account for the risk of fomites, & potentially airborne transmission. NO extension to prevention strategy
My God is this bad.