Are Americans more afraid to express their political views than in the past? A lot of people debated that question in the past weeks. A new article has the answer: Americans are three times as likely to self-censor now than in the 1950s.
Research shows that Americans are self-censoring at record rates because they are afraid to share their political views 😳 The state of free speech in 2020.
"there is no clear partisan pattern. The percentage of Democrats who are worried about speaking their mind is just about identical to the percentage of Republicans who self-censor: 39 and 40 percent, respectively."
According to this, more Americans are afraid to speak their minds today than during the McCarthy scare...
Another way of interpreting this data is that the center has fallen apart, and so a lot of people who are drifting away from it will report feeling less secure.
The share of Americans who are self-censoring has tripled since the 1950s
"...the evidence suggests that those Americans who have little education and live in the hinterland actually feel most free to speak their minds. Perhaps they have simply never been taught that it is wise to keep their mouths shut."