In anticipation of Tuesday’s book launch, my interview with is out in Observer.
Carl Bergstrom: 'People are using data to bullshit' | Science | The Guardian The evolutionary biologist on data manipulation, fake news, and the importance of using science as a lie detector. #Bullshit #FakeNews #Science
On the manipulation of data in a pandemic. But not so reassuring: he was advising governments in responses to pandemics before now, via the U of Washington, where , invested heavily in pandemic related technologies, dictates research areas.
Carl Bergstrom: 'People are using data to bullshit'
"I’m not optimistic about tech solutions. We need to recognise that we have created through social media a potentially existential threat to liberal democracy."
. ‘People are using data to bullshit' | I just finished #CallingBullshit and it’s a great read - Highly recommended. I had a convo with co-author that will land in The Exam Room next week | The