Added Meehl 1990 to my blog on math in psychology: "Inability to think mathematically among psychologists [..] is sometimes so gross as to be embarrassing to one familiar with the quantitative sophistication in other sciences." Ouch.
Are we asking too much? A list of competencies people expect to have
"I’m wondering if we’re starting to ask a bit much of psychologists. " This blog by is really interesting about the demands we place on (interdisciplinary) academics these days. TLDR Its getting really hard to be an academic.
2/2 > write it up as counter point to this post where I say that in general I like the idea of psych students getting into math, but that there's already quite a lot we need to know.
8/n Perhaps most importantly, try not to be too overwhelmed by it all. Doing science can mean an endless list of things I should be doing/learning (e.g. ). It's stressful enough, so let's have some fun in the process!
"wondering if we’re starting to ask a bit much of [research] psychologists"
"Are we asking too much?" Another great comment on academic life by
i agree. we're asking way too much from profs we get much more bang for our buck if researchers would start by publicly posting their study materials, data, and code. radical transparency is great, but not feasible relative to the costs for most profs
5/ That being said, I do think we put a ton of expectations on psychologists, such as coding & math. I would like to be a great coder & understand math better, but I am not, given time constraints. Not all of us have the time or talent for it.